Room Decor Ideas & Styling Tips | PINTEREST INSPIRED

Think all of us wish we lived in one of those perfect Pinterest rooms we see pinned on our boards. Although I do believe in the Pinterest lie (how can one live in such perfection all the time? Can’t deal lol), I do have some little tips and tricks that will make your room look great in an instant. Because I wanted to change up my room a bit (I do this every year), I thought it would be cool to film my little projects and share it with you guys. So that’s what I did! I have 4 Pinterest inspired room decor ideas I want to show you. Also, I’m sharing a couple of styling tips with you too. I often hear you really like my home, so I hope I can help you out a bit with these ideas!

Article and source from: http://www.lily-like.com/room-decor-ideas-styling-tips-pinterest-inspired/